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About Us.

   Danco Intertrans SRL has a team of 15 employees with extensive experience in conducting domestic and international freight transport. The services we offer our clients want to meet the needs of Romania in order to become a stable and reliable partner in future collaborations..

   We check if the products and services consistently provide client satisfaction, if they are perfectly suitable to them, if they meet their true needs and expectations. Our employees to ensure their optimal working conditions and real opportunities for promotion within the company.


   As a result of ever-increasing sales, based on a wide variety of products and services we can say that we are a reliable partner for your future.


   All are certified and by the large number of employees and customers with whom we have partnerships based on trust and respect.


   Our fleet includes a variety of means of transport: car van equipped to transport and para-pharmaceutical products, garments on hangers, and vehicles with tarpaulin for any goods (with volume and multiple dimensions).


  Drivers employed by these modes correspond to the ethically and professionally. We also offer full insurance of the goods transpotate.



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